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Sad Mahabad (Mahabad Dam)

Mahabad Dam is one of the Dams that is located in West Azerbaijan with the height of 47/5 meters and length of 700 meters in Mahabad city. This Dam was constructed before the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran … Read More

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Roustaye Salouk (Salouk village and waterfall in East Azerbaijan )

East Azerbaijan province is one of the tourist attractions cities of Iran. Salouk is one of the villages of East Azerbaijan province that is located in the rural district of Salouk, central District of Hasht roud city. Salouk village that … Read More

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Park Saea (Saea Park)

Saea Prak is one of the public Parks of Tehran that has about 12 hectares area and that is located in the Valiasr street (6 regions).The location of this park was tree Planting in 1342 by an engineer Mr. Karim … Read More

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Daryacheh Miansheh (Miansheh Lake)

Miansheh lake or Chort lake is located at the distance of 10 kilometers of Chort village in the distance of Sari to Kiaasar in the Mazandaran province. This lake has the 350 Kilometers distance to Tehran and in the Original … Read More

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Masjed Jame Khoramshahr (Khorramshahr Jame mosque)

Khorramshahr Jame mosque was from the past one of the main centers of  this city in the way that keeps this kind of being the main center, even after the end of the Iran-Iraq war, the complete destruction of the … Read More

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Daryacheh Alandan Sari (Sari Alandan Lake)

Alandan lake with the 17-hectare area that is at the time of raining come to have the 30-hectare area, is located in the Alandan village in the Chahardangeh part of Sari city.   This natural effect with the quaternary dating … Read More

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Chama Ice Cave

Qar Yakhi Chama (Chama ice cave)

Do you want to experience the coldest point of the Middle East in the summer? We offer you the Chama ice cave. One of the coolest locations in the summer. Come to the coolest point of the Iran in the … Read More

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Cheshmeh Cheram Belqeis (Cheram Belqeis Fountain)

Cheram Belqeis is the garden that is located in the way of Cheram – Gachsaran in 4 Kilometers of South of Cheram city and this garden is one of the major tourist attractions of South of Kohgiloyeh and Boyerahmad. The … Read More

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Baqe Parenadegan tehran

Baq Parandegan Tehran (Birds Garden of Tehran)

Birds garden is located in North East of Tehran in the heart of the Lavizan forest. This beautiful garden designed in the two phase. The first phase which is now operational is called “Dashtchar” and it contains kind of birds … Read More

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33 Pol (Thirty-three bridge)

Thirty-three bridge or Allahverdi Khan bridge has 33 openings, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide, that constructed by Allahverdi Khan Aundyladzeh on the Zanyandeh roud (river) in Isfahan city and during the Shah Abbas Safavi (king) region. This bridge … Read More

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