Sabzi Polou (Vegetable Polou)

In the North of Persia, the Nowrooze polou is served with the fish and vegetables placed on the haft seen table, instead of the chicken. Ingredients: Long-grained rice: 2 pounds Equal parts of fresh spinach, dill, green onion tops, coriander … Read More

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Kookoo Sibzamini (Potato Koko)

Potato Koko is delicious food that you can prepare it easy and soon. This kind of Koko has two models of preparing. If you want to cook the potato Koko sooner the best way is to use raw potatoes. Ingredients … Read More

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Kookoo Sabzi (Vegetable Koko)

Vegetable with the enchanting taste and colour makes everyone attracted to itself.  Many persons love to eat this delicious food and this food is the common one in the Iranian tables. Vegetables Koko is one of the beautiful and tasty … Read More

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Kabab Barg (Barg Kebab)

Ingredients: Sirloin or veal tenderloin:  half a Kilogram Olive oil: 1/3 of cup Onion: 2 Numbers Salt and Pepper: necessary amount (Serve for 4-5people) How to prepare Barg Kebab First way: You can choose Sirloin or veal tenderloin for preparing … Read More

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Halim Bademjun (Eggplant Halim)

Ingredients: Boneless meat: half a kilogram. Slender eggplant: one kilogram. Lentil: 150 gram. Fried onion: 50 gram. Thick pulverized curd: 50 gram. Minced walnut: 50 gram. Pulverized Saffron: necessary amount. Fried Garlic: 50 gram. Fried Mint: 50 gram. Salt and … Read More

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Torshi Shalqam (Turnip pickle)

Ingredients: Turnip: 1 kilogram. Small Beet: 1 number. Sliced garlic: 3 number of berries. White vinegar: 1 cup. Water: 3 cups. Salt: 2 tablespoons. Laurel: 1 number. How to prepare Turnip pickle? Pour water, Salt, and Laurel in the pot. … Read More

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torshi Liteh

Torshi Leyte (Squashed pickle)

Ingredients: Eggplant: 1 kilogram. Big red bell pepper: 1 number. Big green bell pepper: 1 number. Green pepper: 70 grams. Big carrot: 3 numbers. Grated garlic: 3 or 4 lumps White savoy cabbage: half a number Vinegar: 1 kilogram. Satureja: … Read More

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Torshi Labou

Torshi Labou (Beets pickle)

Ingredients: Beets: 1 kilogram. White vinegar: necessary amount. Salt: necessary amount. Water: 2 glasses. How to prepare Beets pickle? Wash Beets very well and put them in the pot. Pour the water on the Beets in the mood that the … Read More

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Torshi Razianeh

Torshi Razianeh (Fennel pickle)

Ingredients: Fresh Fennel: 1 Kilogram. Vinegar Salt: 1 tablespoon. Fennel plant is useful from the tropical regions. This plant has Anticonvulsant and anti-inflammatory properties and this is very useful during the breastfeeding of the women. How to prepare Fennel pickle? … Read More

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Salted Mixed Pickle

Torshi Shour (Salted mixed pickle)

Ingredients: Cauliflower Celery Cucumber Carrot Green pepper Garlic Aromatic vegetables Salt White vinegar Water How to prepare Salted mixed pickle? Chop whole the vegetables in your desired size. Wash and extend them on the clean cloth. (Wait until the extent … Read More

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