Cannabis with the scientific name of Cannabis sativa var indica is an annual plant with drop leaves . The fruit of this plant are tiny and oily and they have relaxing properties that they are also used for treatment either.  They are lots of components that the peoples give from different parts of this plant such as Cannabis and Cannabis Yarn.


Cannabis is similar to Nettle and it has 2 meters height. It has multiple Gemma , long leaves, and tiny seeds. From the seeds using in produce oil and soap . It was one of the first plants that planted by the hand of the human And the use of the leaves and Gemma of this plant is back  to 3000 years before Christ. They are 23 Milion people use Cannabis every day. In some of the old books said Sacred plant to Cannabis.  The people use from this plant for treatment of many diseases. This plant is planted in Tehran, Fars, Isfahan and North of Iran.

Derivatives of the plant

There are several materials that the people give from the different parts of this plant:


From the stems of Cannabis Male plant, some Yarns are produced that they are used in the weave of rope, jute , thick fabrics and composites .

Cannabis seeds:

The female plant of Cannabis has many flowers. There are color black seeds in the ovary of the flower that is, in fact, the Cannabis that consume as nuts in Iran and it has the pleasant taste. It can use as the food for some kinds of  decorative birds either.



The drug is kind of material that it has the ability to changing nature of the senses (Smell, Hearing, Sight, Taste, touch ) and sometimes it will change the way of thinking. The obtained materials from the cannabis are Marijuana and hashish and T.H.C.


Marijuana comes from the flowers and young leaves of female plants of cannabis.


It has the solid but soft material that comes from the gum of female plants of cannabis. It has also some effects as same as Marijuana (Grass, cannabis, flower).

Hashish oil:

Hashish oil is the purest blend of the drug from the female plants of Cannabis. It made by the hands of one Britain’s Chemist (Peter Skvayr) in 1840. Hashish is a drug with the dark brown color with the smell as the same as the willow tree.



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