Daryacheh Khazar (Caspian Sea)

The Caspian Sea or Mazandaran Sea (In the Gilaki dialect: Caspi Darya) is the blue arena that is locating from the south near Iran, north near Russia, west near Russia, Azerbaijan republic and from the east, it is limiting to … Read More

‘We are 5,000 signatures away from saving Caspian Seal’

TEHRAN — “We are 5,000 signatures away from banning hunting Caspian Seal,” said Mohammad Darvish, an official with the Department of Environment. “As specified by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) representatives, we need 100,000 signatures to make Caspian Seal … Read More

Over 100K Tons of Seafood Exported Last Year

More than one million tons of seafood were produced in Iran in the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2017), of which about 103,000 tons worth $412 million were exported, the head of Iran Fisheries Organization said. “About 470,000 tons … Read More

Logging in Caspian Hyrcanian Forests Declines by 8%

The logging of trees in the Caspian Hyrcanian forests has dropped by 8% during the current Iranian year—which ends on March 20—compared to the previous year. “Since the beginning of this year, nearly 550,000 cubic meters of timber have been … Read More

Investors Deterred by Caspian Conditions

With the southern coasts offering better investment opportunities, investors are turning their gaze away from the Caspian Sea Despite the port authority’s efforts to facilitate investment in marine tourism in northern Iran, investors that had gone as far as applying … Read More

Astaneh Ashrafieh: A Tourism Attraction in the Caspian

TEHRAN (CHN) – Astaneh Ashrafieh is a well-known city in the northern province of Gilan. It is located 35 km off Rasht. It has a humid and moderate Caspian climate. It is bound to Caspian Sea in the north, Amlash … Read More

Fostering Iran Marine Tourism

Marine tourism is only responsible for 1% of national employment and production, a figure officials hope to increase by developing the sector The cruise ship Sunny will begin serving destinations other than Qeshm in the Persian Gulf and Sea of … Read More

Boujaq National Park

Boujaq National Park is the protected area in Kiashahr port of Gilan province. This area was registering as the first “marine- drought national park” in Iran. The extent of that is about 3260 hectare. From this amount, 1600 hectare is … Read More

“Sunny” Cruise Ship Prepares for 1st Journey

The Swedish-made cruise ship arrived at Kish in late March and will carry 400 people on its maiden voyage Sunny, the first-ever cruise ship to dock at Kish Island in nearly 40 years, is scheduled to make its maiden voyage … Read More

Iran’s Attractive Tourist Destinations

TEHRAN – As Iran makes a push to increase inbound tourism, we take a look at its top destinations – from ancient cities and beach resorts, to its modern capital and skiing destinations.   – Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid), the capital of … Read More