‘We are 5,000 signatures away from saving Caspian Seal’

TEHRAN — “We are 5,000 signatures away from banning hunting Caspian Seal,” said Mohammad Darvish, an official with the Department of Environment. “As specified by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) representatives, we need 100,000 signatures to make Caspian Seal … Read More

Investors Deterred by Caspian Conditions

With the southern coasts offering better investment opportunities, investors are turning their gaze away from the Caspian Sea Despite the port authority’s efforts to facilitate investment in marine tourism in northern Iran, investors that had gone as far as applying … Read More

Astaneh Ashrafieh: A Tourism Attraction in the Caspian

TEHRAN (CHN) – Astaneh Ashrafieh is a well-known city in the northern province of Gilan. It is located 35 km off Rasht. It has a humid and moderate Caspian climate. It is bound to Caspian Sea in the north, Amlash … Read More

Tough Water Year Ahead

The Energy Ministry predicts that water stress will worsen throughout the Central Iranian Plateau over the next few months, according to an excerpt of a report published Monday on the ministry’s website. The central plateau encompasses the provinces of Yazd, … Read More

Demise of 40 Million Boxwood Trees Denied

Aclaim by a forest expert recently about the death of 40 million boxwood trees in the past decade has been denied by the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization. Speaking on a radio program late last week, Bahman Afrasyabi, the … Read More

Wetland Ecotourism Flourishes in Winter

With the arrival of migratory birds in the wetlands of northern Iran during fall and winter, the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran are seeing a boom in ecotourism, especially in birdwatching tours. The wetlands of Fereydounkenar, Sorkhroud and Miankaleh in … Read More

DOE Denies Approving Ashouradeh Tourism Scheme

Proponents of the scheme say it will help create jobs and boost the local economy, while critics argue that the influx of tourists will cause irreversible environmental damage A senior environment official has denied a recent report that the Department … Read More

Northern Marine Tourism Neglected

Although turning Caspian Sea into a marine tourism hub in northern Iran has been a major topic of discussion since a long time, no step has yet been taken by officials to realize that goal, leaving the private sector in … Read More

Arctic Gold Medal for Iran Photographer

Iranian photographer Farzin Nazemzadeh won a gold medal at the Arctic Exhibition of Photographic Art 2016, held in Oslo, Norway. Architect and photographer Nazemzadeh, 53, was awarded the gold medal by the 6th edition of Norwegian photo contest, conducted by … Read More


Gisoum is a tourist- Coastal area from the Gilan – Iran , Pareh part and this beautiful coast is connected to the Caspian sea by the Asphalt way near lots of trees. In fact, the road to the coast, passing … Read More