Thirty-three bridge or Allahverdi Khan bridge has 33 openings, 295 meters long and 14 meters wide, that constructed by Allahverdi Khan Aundyladzeh on the Zanyandeh roud (river) in Isfahan city and during the Shah Abbas Safavi (king) region. This bridge was the venue of the sprinklers ceremony and also Khajshvyan ceremony of the Isfahan Armenians during the Safavi region period. The idea of constructing the thirty-three bridge happened in the 1008 Ah and in the twelve years of the Shah Abbas (king)region (the first king of the Safavi Region) and in 1011 Ah Allahverdi Khan Aundlyzadeh Gorji his famous Sardar was responsible for completion of the bridge.


Sykes knew Thirty-three bridge as one of the first bridges of the whole world, Chardin knew this bridge as the masterpiece of architecture and wonderful surprises and Dan Garcia knew it as one of the best architectural monuments of Iran and as quote of Lord Curzon “Men doesn’t expect for watching this most magnificent bridge forced to travel to Iran.”  Dan Garcia wrote about this subject that: “This bridge is one of the Buildings of the Allahverdi Khan Gorji and even when the enemies and jealous persons of that told this building constructed by money, they cannot deny that this building is his work. But the common people believe that this building made by Allahverdi Khan and by his money and this is the real truth.”


One of the Safavid dynasty poets with the name of Sheikh Ali Naqi Kamareyi told the date of making this bridge in a poetic way in his one of the poem in the 1005 Ah and this date is exactly the same time as the date of making the unique street of Chahar baq. Thirty-tree bridge is the connection between the Abbasi Chahar baq (Abbasi garden) to the upper Chahar baq.

This effect has already been registered in the date of 15 Dey of 1310 with the registration number of 110 as one of the National monuments of Iran.


Based on the opinions of geology and cultural heritage experts the basis and foundation of this bridge have been designed in the way that it has more strength in the moisture weather; so if the drought of the river continues for a long time, there is the possible risk of danger for the Thirty-three bridge.


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