Margoon Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of whole Iran that is located in the vicinity of “Sepidan”, in the border of  Fars province with Kohgiluye and Boyer Ahmad. The waterfall is, in fact, the source of the river and is not any river, at the top of the mountain, but from the body of  the rocky mountain walls , there are more than a few thousand springs that the water is poured out from them. From this point of view, this waterfall is the largest and highest spring waterfall of  the whole world.

Direction to Margoon Waterfall

Access route to the waterfall is until near the waterfall that it is possible to go there by car and the road is easy to walk. The path leading to the waterfall that runs adjacent surrounding villages, in winter is full of snow and roads sometimes completely cut off. Arrive at this cascade is possible from Fars province, Sepidan city , Margoon city or yasuj and Cacan city.

Suitable Season to go  Margoon Waterfall

Around this waterfall in the spring is very green and scenic.

Welfare Amenities 

In around the parking lot, flat spaces are created that they are to stay and setting up of tents. Also around parking in the way of arriving at the waterfall  buckets for trash was mounted .


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