One of the most famous souvenirs of Ardabil is Traditional bread that here is the recipe for this local bread.


Local butter: 200 gram

Flour: Only a little (for not sticking dough to hands)

Sugar: Two glasses

Milk: One kilogram

Egg: Five numbers

The sour paste powder: Two tablespoons

Turmeric: One tablespoon

Salt: One teaspoon

(Serve for 7-8 people)

How to prepare Ardebil traditional bread?

Make milk warm until 37 centigrade degree.

Pour butter, sugar, turmeric, the sour paste powder, salt and egg whites in the dish add flour to them and make the dough.

Rub the materials until dough come to be soft and it is not sticking to your hands.

Cover dough with Nylon and handkerchief and put it in the hot place for two hours.

Now cut the dough into the small pieces and let them stay for ten minutes more.

Opening dough in the shape that it has two centimeters diameter.

Make the design on the dough with the fork.

Mix yolk and milk together and rub this mixture on dough.

Put dough in the oven that it was warm from 3 hours sooner.

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