Falak-ol-Aflak Castle Museum, Work of Art!

Falak-ol-Aflak castle is located in the middle of the urban city of Khorramabad, on top of the mountain. This one-of-a-kind monument belongs to Sassanid period and it has been registered in the list of Iran’s National Heritage under the registration number … Read More


Niavaran Palace Complex

Niavaran Palace Complex is located in the northern part of Tehran, a building that once belonged to the royal family of Qajar, in 9000 square meters area. It consists of several buildings and a museum. The Sahebqaraniyeh Palace from the time of Nasir … Read More


National Museum of Iran; Gate to the Prehistory

The National Museum of Iran based in Tehran, aging more than 70 years, is the combination of two museums, the old Muze-ye Irân-e Bâstân (“Archaeological Museum of Iran”, a break, Sasanian revival building), and the modernistic white travertine National Arts Museum (“Mūze-i Honar-i … Read More


Carpet Museum, A Symbol of Iranian Originality

The Carpet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian rugs from all over Iran, dating from the 16th century to the present. Iran is known in the world for two distinguished things: poetry and carpet. Iranian carpets are one of the … Read More

Reza Abbasi Museum, Superb Collection of Ancient Iran

Reza Abbasi Museum, Superb Collection of Ancient Iran, named after one of the great artists of the Safavid period, this museum showcases Iranian art from ancient times and the Safavid-era paintings of Abbasi himself. If you’re interested in Iranian art, it’s … Read More

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

The world of imagination and creativity and surprise. A place with unique architecture and design that surprises you every season with an attractive international exhibition.Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as TMoCA, is among the largest art museums in … Read More

Tehran National Jewelry Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury and splendor at Tehran National Jewelry Museum, which holds one of the finest collections of jewelry once worn and used by members of Persian royal dynasties. The Tehran National Jewelry Museum is housed within … Read More


Abgineh Museum

In the center of Tehran, there is a beautiful old building that now is home to interesting ancient crafts. Abgineh Museum of Iran or Glassware and Ceramic Museum, as Iranians call it, is one of the unique collections of glassblowing arts … Read More

Monir Faramanfarmaeian

Magic of Mirror; Monir Faramanfarmaeian

About Monir Faramanfarmaeian Monir Shahroudi Faramanfarmaeian is one of the international artists, whose works are known in Iran and in different countries as well. Monir Faramanfarmaeian was born in Qazvin in 1922 and completed her education in fashion illustration at … Read More

Badab-e Surt: A Step Terraced Spring

Badab-e Surt is a rare geologic masterpiece, geology enthusiasts will especially fall for Badab-e Surt. Located in the Mazandaran province, the name comes from a combination of bâd, gas, âb, water, and surt, the old name of the village of Orost located 7 kilometers to … Read More