Birds garden of Tehran is located in North East of Tehran in the heart of the Lavizan forest. This beautiful garden designed in the two phase. The first phase which is now operational is called “Dashtchar” and it contains kind of birds that they are located in the cage and or some of them cannot fly. The second phase that has less area than the first one is under construction in the North range of the garden and it is called “Abchar”. This phase contains those kinds of birds that they can fly and probably it is as same as the Birds garden that is located in Isfahan city and it is prevented from going the bird out from the garden by the net. The construction of this garden lasts for three years.


This garden is dependent to the Birds garden of  Mashhad.


The first phase of this garden was opening and came into operation in the May of 2013. At the entrance of the garden, the first things that attract attention are the Talking parrots that they are welcomed to you. Some kinds of birds such as Pigeons, Parrots, Crow, cock, finches… are located in this area. Tehran birds garden has a large range and because of the design of the winding path in that, it includes that long path. Since the garden entrance is located in the top part of that and almost Garden greening is visible from above. In the northern part of the garden, the largest birds cages attract the attentions that the species of eagles are located on robust trees but without any branches in the cages. Some scavenger species can be seen in these cages, some kinds of Owl and hawk are also in the small cages inside them. Some kinds of birds such as Pheasants, Peacocks, Pelicans, Flamingos,… are located in the middle part of the garden. This range is surrounded by waterfalls and large ponds which they are dewatering from upstream of the garden. Two sides of the water ponds are attached to each other by the wooden and beautiful bridges. They are also some kinds of birds such as Ducks, Black and White Swans, Goose that they can be seen in the south part of the garden.

The beautiful design of birds garden greening:

One of the indexes of the Tehran birds garden is the beautiful and unique design of the range of it. Paved paths that they are surrounded by the beautiful trees and flowers covered garden greening of this beautiful place. Shelters that they made of wood, reed, and chaff, wooden benches with various designs, Wooden pergolas, lack of electricity pole or additional installations, wood design guide panel with Nastaliq script, small and beautiful waterfalls and cleverly designed of lakes and wooden bridges are some of the characteristics of this garden.

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