“Aladaq Lar” or colored mountains  is one of the turbulence created in the city of eunuchs and Central Expressway – Zanjan 25 kilometers that is located in the northeast of Tabriz. Hot Salmon Lar, the local name of colorful mountains and hills, which are located in parts of Azerbaijan. If you have been in the way to the city, surely you have seen the colored mountains or Aladagh Lar. At first glance, colored mountains, perhaps a painting suppose when you look carefully at the scenery and the mountains and hills, you will see the beauty that God has created. Colored mountains or Aladagh Lar is one of the most beautiful scenery on earth. The scenery is so rare and strange that sometimes we think we’re seeing are from another planet debate. There have colors such as : red, yellow, white and orange. The mountain is located near several villages in the mountains and they are colorful, the soil used in red mud that is used to build houses.

Many of the Iranian people and foreign tourists are not aware of so beautiful and strange and spectacular and pristine nature. The mountains because of their color, especially yellow copper color and light in terms of fit and proper subject for nature photography is warm. In this case, there may be several mountains in the world and the possibility is high that the world record. It is much better if the environment of the area to be protected or destroyed to prevent it from building roads. In the hope that all people avoid serious damage to nature and the preservation of natural monuments and archaeological work in all parts of the world and Iran.

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