Miansheh lake or Chort lake is located at the distance of 10 kilometers of Chort village in the distance of Sari to Kiaasar in the Mazandaran province. This lake has the 350 Kilometers distance to Tehran and in the Original forest of Chort village. In Chahardangeh part of Sari province is in the 50 Kilometers of South of this city. The area of this lake is 2,5 Hectares. This lake is called Chort lake because it is near the Chort village.

The fountain near the lake is created in solar 1318 year because of the earthquake and closing the way of water. When the water is decrease emerging remain trees that they were in the place of origin lake creates a special landscape. This lake is located in the slot valley with steep and in around the lake is pristine forest cover and old trees. Geometric shape Lake was drawn oval and according to the seasonal rains, its depth is various. The available fish in the lake are put in the lake by the local people of the place.


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