Tehran Zoo or the Eram zoo is located in Tehran  that is approximately in 5 hectares lands at 4 Km of Tehran-Karaj High Way near the Ecbatan metro station.

In the Qajar era, Iranians were familiar with European zoological gardens. But the zoo or “Maa al-Woohoush Assembly” during the Shah in the streets when the name of the street where the inertia of the current Saadi Zoo Complex was named after the car home and eventually was established that of course it was not and never will be a complete zoo and sometimes citizens only go there to see some kinds of animals. Shah after his trips to Europe and saw  European zoos, had a particular interest in the zoo and animals, which is why he chose the  Duchamp hill  that he made a magnificent building at 1269 lunar or 1835 AD years ago and also by using the subterranean lake was created Yi with very beautiful and spectacular views that attracted people to him. In Duchamp hill at the zoo, four male and female lions of Shiraz  mountains , three Tiger of Mazandaran, a cheetah , three leopards of Jajrood , five bears from Damavand , hyenas , monkeys , a monkey , a donkey, and peacocks were many  there.

Currently, 121 species of animals native to Iran and other parts of the world in the form of the following groups are kept in zoos are introduced, some of which are as follows:

  • Cat :
  • Milk
  • Tiger
  • Leopard (dead)
  • Lynx (dead)
  • Canids : wolf , jackal , fox
  • Primates: chimpanzees , baboons , rhesus
  • Carnivores ( bears ) brown bear
  • Birds : crane , peacocks , pheasants , pelicans , Balaban, vulture , eagle
  • Reptiles : snake, python , crocodile , lizard , iguana , turtle
  • Marsupials: Kangaroo
  • Khartoum owners : Phil
  • Rodents : porcupine , squirrel , rabbit , hamster
  • Aquaculture : pangasius, catfish African, blue turtles
  • Frdsman ( horse and donkey): zebra
  • Cement couple ( deer )
  • Shklan camel: Camel two-humped
  • Mammals : Meerkat , a giraffe (in waiting)

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