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Torshi Hafteh Bijar (Hafteh Bijar pickle)

Ingredients of Hafteh Bijar pickle Eggplants: 2 Kilograms. Slender spicy pepper: 2-3 numbers. Pickling spice:1 tablespoon. Bell peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, Orange ): half a kilogram. Dried mint:1 tablespoon. Garlic:1 bush. Unripe tomatoes: 300 grams (4-5 numbers). Verjuice or vinegar:1 kilogram. … Read More

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Torshi Havij (Carrot pickle)

Ingredients: Carrot: 1 kilogram. Big white onion: half a number. Water: 2 cups. Apple vinegar: 2 cups. Sugar: 2 cups. Mustard seeds: 1 teaspoon. How to prepare carrot pickle? Wash carrots. Peel carrots. Make carrots in the ring shape. Peel … Read More

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Torshi Bivar (Hamedani pepper pickle)

Ingredients: Bivar pepper: 500 grams. Vinegar: 750 milliliters. Salt: 2 tablespoons. Bivar or Hamedani pepper is a kind of pepper that is consuming in Hamedan city and has the mildly spicy taste. You can consume this kind of pepper in … Read More

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Torshi Bandari (Mixed vegetables pickle)

Ingredients: Indian stamp: 1package. Shallot: 50 grams. Carrot: 3 numbers. Cucumber: 3 numbers. Eggplant: 3 numbers. Pomegranate paste: 1 modulus. Garlic:1 bush. Cauliflower: 1 Kilogram. Green pepper: 50 grams. Celery: 3 Branches. Jerusalem artichoke: Half a kilogram. Special spices for … Read More

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Torshi Bamieh (Okra pickle)

Ingredients: Fresh Okra: 1 kilogram. Fresh red pepper or dried type: 3 numbers. Dried dill: 3 teaspoons. Water: 2 cups. White or red vinegar: 2 cups. Salt: 2 tablespoons. Garlic: 4 big cloves. How to prepare Okra pickle? Wash okras. … Read More

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Eating Torshi (Pickle)

Be familiar with properties of pickle Pickle is one of the very popular detonators that many of Iranian families consume this seasoning near their foods and enjoy…. Someone believes that the history of making pickle is back to the 4 … Read More

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Khoresh Mast(Yogurt Stew)

Ingredients: Half  a clean chicken with the empty stomach: 375 grams. Strained yogurt: 250 grams. Pulverized saffron: half a teaspoon. Slice orange without any bitter taste: half a glass. Fried onion: 2 numbers. Salt and pepper: necessary amount.   (Serve … Read More

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Torsheh Tarreh (Sour Torreh)

Ingredients: Vegetables (Parsley, coriander, spinach, torreh, beets): necessary amount Rice: 100 grams. Raw Garlic:100 grams. Pickle (Orange juice or pomegranate juice): necessary amount Green plums: necessary amount Egg: 100 grams. Spices: 100 grams.   (Serve for 2 people)     … Read More

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Taas Kabab a traditional Iranian food

It is one of the old tasty meat foods that is made by different materials and vegetables. The household women add some kinds of vegetables to this food and make it autumn food with the better taste. So as Quince … Read More

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Kalam Polou with meat

Ingredients Rice: 3 cups Mince Meat: 1 bowl Cabbage: 250 grams. Onion: 2 numbers. Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon Oil: 1 cup. Salt, Pepper, Turmeric: necessary amount. Lime powder: 1 teaspoon Saffron:  ¼ of teaspoon (Serve for 4-5 people) How to prepare … Read More

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