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Handicrafts and souvenirs of Gachsdaran

Some of the handicrafts and souvenirs of Gachsdaran are as follow: Bag Belt Reticular Diaphoretic planks Pearl knitting Jajim knitting Black Tent weaving knitting Carpet knitting Basket knitting Traditional pendants Citrus Cedar Oak bread (Kolak) Kalkheng (plant) Ramlak Jujube About … Read More

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What are Fooman Souvenirs?

local muffins local muffins are Fooman Souvenirs and one of the thousand delicious sweets of Iran. The main ingredients of these muffins contain Flour, eggs, sugar, animal oil, cinnamon, vanilla, Jos and cardamom brain. From the souvenirs of Fooman instead … Read More

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What are Baneh Souvenirs?

Baneh is one of the cities in Kordestan province. Some of  Baneh Souvenirs contain Wood Joinery, Hand weaving, Woodturning,  Build local ornaments, Needlecraft and refinish, Pottery, Mat weaving, Cotton summer Embroidered, Felting, Producing Leather products,  Hand weaving contains Prayer rug, … Read More

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Abu Musa Souvenirs

Every year when the tide is happening large quantities of all kinds of mussels, snails, and remains of the Persian Gulf Aquaculture pours in the several islands of this Gulf coast (Kish, Abu Musa, Lark, Qeshm, Hormoz, etc.) that they … Read More

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What are Behbahan Souvenirs?

Behbahan is the city in the Khuzestan province. This city has many attractions for travelers. Khuzestan and the cities that it has inside had good weather for agriculture. The good weather of the Khuzestan is the reason that it has … Read More

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Gabbeh Fars

Gabbeh or the rug is the kind of carpet with another gender that is usually weaving in the small shape and by the hands of Lor and Qashqai nomads. Early humans used of the skin of animals as their ground … Read More

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What are Ferdows city souvenirs?

Ferdows souvenirs are as same as the souvenirs of other parts of our beautiful country and they contain food, agricultural products, and various handicrafts. From the most famous of them, we can point to the Qaenat Barberry and Saffron that … Read More

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What are Bam souvenirs?

Khorma-ye Mazafati Bam (Mazafati date of Bam) Iranian dates have different kinds, that consume each one is different from the other one and they have them own shapes of consuming. Among all kinds of dates, Mazafati date is the most … Read More

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What are Bojnoord Souvenirs?

Bojnoord souvenirs are not known for everyone. Bojnoord is provincial capital of  North Khorasan, it is a town with a good climate. Bojnoord is the spectacular place, and it can be a perfect option for travel, even because of the … Read More

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What are Bushehr Souvenirs?

Bushehr is one of the beautiful ports of South Iran that has many tourist attractions. This beautiful port has quiet coastal and beautiful palm groves that they are attracted the eye of the beholder. Some of the Bushehr souvenirs are … Read More

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