Grade: Three Star
Address: Mir Allahodin Alley, 37th Alley, Ebn e Sina Street, Shohada Squareو Chahar Bagh Paeen Street, Isfahan Province, Isfahan.


Isfahan Atigh hotel is an Iranian house related to Qajar period (dating back to 200 years ago) opened in 2013 after reconstruction. The hotel is located in one of the old neighborhoods “Dar Darsht” near of Atigh Mosque; UNESCO World Heritage Site, it also offers suitable access to other attractions in Isfahan. Hotel’s traditional architecture and its decorations takes you to the past. However, all of the amenities is ready to provide comfortable and satisfying stay. The hotel including 23 rooms (single, double and triple rooms), traditional restaurant, coffee shop, Internet, Rome 24-hour service, etc.

Service Include

High-speed Internet, Air Conditioning, Free Breakfast, Taxi Center, Lobby, Parking Space in the Hotel

Food & Drink

Traditional Restaurant




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