Isfahan is one of the Persian music centers and traditional songs. The importance of music and the interest of the people of Isfahan in this art caused two Iranian musicians; Mehrdad Jayouni and Shahriar Shokrani to establish the first and only private music museum of the country on December 11, 1394.

At the Isfahan Music Museum, you can watch 300 Iranian music instruments, learn how to make them, and get acquainted with the musical instruments with the help of audio and visual equipment and listen to their voices. You can also find musical instruments that are not found in any other country like them. The museum has won two rewards in the short time it has been reopened, the last one being the best museum in Iran by the International Museum Council (IKOM).

The museum has two halls called the National Musical instruments Hall and the Local Musical instruments Hall, which includes a very diverse collection of Iranian Music instruments. For each instrument, explanations are available in Persian and English, and visitors can take and play some of these musical instruments that are less valuable than others. Another section of the museum is dedicated to the introduction of music celebrities, called “Saraye Sar-Ahangan”. At the end visitors can enjoy live music.

The cultural product store related to traditional music, the music cafe in a pleasant atmosphere, and the atelier photography are parts of the museum, which adds to the charm of the complex.

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