Khoshkar waterfalls are contained two waterfalls that they are located in the Kerman province. These two waterfalls are in the Khoshkar way that is the way of the climb to Lalehzar peak in the height of Bahr Asman. For accessing to these waterfalls avast in the way of  Baft toward Kerman in Kasikan village. From this place, you can start hiking toward waterfalls. Inside Khoshkar Roudkhan valley near the way of the river, you must continue your way until you arrive at Khoshkar waterfalls.

There is a cave that is located near the second waterfall. This waterfall crumbles from the cliff in the right hand in front of the entrance of the cave. In the spring intensity of the water is so much so you cannot see the cave behind it and the cave is hidden behind it. Continue on this way is arriving at the peak of Shah (King) mountain.

The second way requires more skills in compare with the first one. To access to this way from Kerman-Baft road toward Lalehzar, continue your way from the beautiful parts of Bardsir functions that they are located in the continue of the domain of high Lalehzar functions. After passing about 100 Kilometers you will arrive at the accessory way of Lalehzar. In continue of the accessory way with the length of twenty Kilometers, you will lead to Lalehzar.

Lalehzar is located at the height of 2700 Meters from the surface of the sea, and it is the coldest city in the Kerman province. This city after Qamsareh Kashan is second famous one in producing Rosewater.

After Lalehzar in the Dam way with passing from that, you will arrive at the first of hiking way. This region called Evereti strait. In local dialects, Evert called to the place of nomads settlements. It gives the Turkish meaning of home “Yurt”, that is probably with the passing days and translate by the primary climbers it is changed to the “Arty” valley and at the end, it comes to be the “Ardy” valley.

The distance between “Lalhezar” and “Everti” entrance .height of 2900 meters) is about 6 Kilometers in dirt road shape.

The hiking way is from near the Lalehzar river in the “Everti” valley and it is arriving at the First and Second Khoshkar valleys and at the end, you will see the “Lalehzar” peak.

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