Kharkhasak is the Shrub. Its fruit has four parts and it is soft but it has sharp thorns. Kharkhasak is growing in the hot weather and even you can find it in the deserts.

Kharkhasak is the annual, gramineous plant with the stems that they are the stretch and wide ramifications on the ground. They are covered with blurs that the leaves and new stems of that are covering with elegant Silk fibers. Vice versa the leaves of this plant are often unequal and combined from the small and tiny petioles that they are located in the number of  6-3 pairs on either side of the main petiole.  The yellow flowers are small and single. The fruit of this plant is during the five parts of it come to be apart and scattered from each other. Each of these five parts in the outer surface is Barbed. The usable parts of this plant are fruit, seeds, leaves, roots, and sometimes whole parts of this plant but more than all parts of this plant the fruits of it is using. The colour of the fruit is glaucous. It doesn’t have any smell and it has specified taste.


The fruits of this plant are collecting at the end of the summer and first of the autumn. This plant has dispersion extensive in the different areas of the ground in the mood that you can find it in the most parts of the world. The chemical compound of it contains minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, sulfur, Nitrogen, and Clare). It also contains 5 types of glycoside materials that all of them have glucose and in addition rhamnose and arabinose sugar.  Kharkhasak is consumed as the: Diuretic, Excretion of urinary tract stones and uses as the amplifier of sexual power. In the past in medicine use as Kharkhasak for the diuretic effect and Excretion of urinary tract stones and reinforcing the sexual power and it is also used as the treatment of infection and inflammation of the gums.


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