Marshmallow with the scientific name of Alcea is kind of plant from Malvaceae family that is annual, grows by itself and flowers, fruits and roots of it have medicinally consumption.

Marshmallow flower has 2 meters height with Pink, Red, and White colours which they use as covers of drugs. A Large genus of flowering plants has 200-220 kinds of angiosperms. This plant is a native of warm regions, under tropical equatorial and tropical areas between two north and south of the equator circuits in the whole world. Marshmallow has the beneficial effect in the treatment of liver diseases and acne.

How to use

First, you must dry petals of the flower of Marshmallow and after that grind them. Then for each use have a teaspoonful of the powder of grind Marshmallow in the glass of boiling water that come to be cold and let them be there for 8 hours and after that use it.

Medicinal properties

The nature of Marshmallow is temperate, laxative and strong purgative, colic, mucus, anti cough and belly twisting. The seed of it is useful in the treatment of stomach ulcers.

Needs of Chinese Rose Mallow

Appropriate Soil:

The best soil for the plant is a mixture of loam and peat.

Swap pot:

Every year in the spring change the pot of the flower with the big another one. You must be content when the pot come to be in the large and growing mode and the impossibility of swap surface soil of the pot with a new and rich soil.

Cleaning the leaves:

The spray mist is enough. If necessary you can clean the leaves with a cloth or damp sponge. Do not use shiny chemical materials.


Cuttings wooden rooted in summer of Chinese Marshmallow are coming to the bazaar with the Yellow and Orange colours. The flowers didn’t last more than two days if humidity environment reduced buds are coming down before they are opening, mist sprayed prevent from this failure.


The emergence of many flowers and being more beautiful of them in the next year is because of pruning. In the end of the winter, the height of branches must be reduced to the half and the place of cut in order to prevent the entry of pathogens must disinfection with Sulfur dust and the surface must be covered with petroleum jelly.


In order to keep the soil moist it needs irrigation three times a week in summer, never let the excess water stay in the pot. Visit drain. In the winter the time of watering is when the surface soil is completely dry. (basically once every two weeks watering in winter is enough.)


In the spring and summer, needs daily spray mist with warm water without mineral. To provide permanent moisture and sustainable need map with pebbles of add water pay attention that the end of pot must not connect to the water, in the winter it is enough to have one time a week spray mist for the pot. It loves a gentle stream of air.


Every two weeks, once in the spring and summer (especially with the advent of flowers) with liquid artificial food and or solid dissolved in water especially for ornamental plants feed the plant according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Suitable soil:

The best soil for the plant is a mixture of loam and peat.

Swap pot:

Every year swap the pot of the plant with another big one. When the pot come to be large and enlargement, be content failure to replace the surface soil with the new and rich one.

Cleaning the leaves:

The spray mist is enough, if it is necessary you can clean leaves with a cloth or damp sponge. Don’t use shiny chemical substances.


Rooted the wooden cuttings in summer, Chinese Marshmallow with the yellow and orange colours are in the markets. The flowers of this plant only live for two days and if the humidity decrease the buds are falling down before opening. Mist sprayed prevent from this failure.


The appearance of many beautiful flowers in the next year is the result of pruning, at the end of the winter, decrease the length of the branches and the place of cut must be cover with Petrolatum and get clean and disinfection with sulfur in order to prevent the entry of pathogens.



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