Menar Jonban of Isfahan is the interesting and weird name that refers to minarets that are shaking. There are several minarets in Iran, the most famous of them is in Isfahan that shakes more.

The Isfahan Menar Jonban was built in the 8th century in the period of the Ilkhani and the time of Oljaniou, one of the rulers of the Ilkhan Mogul, a monument with a dome roof which is considered an indicator of Iranian architecture. In the bottom of the ceiling and just at the end of the building, there is a Sheikh’s grave named Uncle Abdullah Karladani, shining with his white tombstone.

The ceiling is covered with azure and turquoise tile which has doubled the beauty of the monument and stare at the eyes of any viewer.

On top of this building there are two beautiful minarets with a height of 17.5 meters and a width of 9 meters. When we shake one of these minarets, the whole building shakes, but because of the grandeur of the building, viewers only see the other minarets shaking.


How can the minaret of Isfahan stay moving for many years?

The answer to this question can be in some general factors, including the following:

In the upper part of the building, light materials are used.

The height of the minarets is low.

Each of the minarets is a bit far from the building.

There are wooden Crank on the top and bottom of the minarets.

The weight and length of the minarets are the same

Of course, these can be discussed in the scientific and specialized fields.

According to some residents of Isfahan, the minarets are shaking because of the greatness of Uncle Abdullah. There is not much information about her life, except some sentences written on her grave.

In addition, there are other tombs in the porch, which dates back to the Safavid period and has been transported from the historic site around of Monar Jonban.

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