In Iran Nomad Tours you experience an unique lifestyle which has many attractions for external and internal tourists in modern world. It can be stated that from the very long past, majority of the people in Iran were engaged in pastoral subsistence and animal breeding. Thus earning their livelihood in various parts of the country mostly. The herds were taken to the seasonal summer or winter quarters, where the herdsmen lived in tents. These decamping differentiated this community from the others who were permanent dwellers. Visit and experience of nomad life has many attractions for external and internal tourists in modern world and attract them for understanding of this experience. Natural and human effects in nomad resulted in unique tourism attraction. Nomad immigration is always considered as one of the most beautiful Iran’s tourism attractions. Nomad and their lifestyle like language, music, local food, clothing, poetry, handicraft, local dance and customs attract Enthusiasts. Iran nomad is scattered in around the Iran and this feature creates different elements of culture like dialect, customs, clothing and type of immigration even. Iran nomad society is so various and make dynamic nomad tourism. For example, a tourist has travelled to nomad areas of Bushehr or Khuzestan for once, in second trip is interested in Azarbayjan or Ardebil nomad.

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The Bakhtiari are a southwestern Iranian tribe, and a subgroup of the Lurs. They speak the Bakhtiari dialect, a southwestern Iranian dialect. Their race returns to the Achaemenid and Aryan peoples.