Chaldareh Forest Park very beautiful park is located in 18 km distance from the Tonekabon to 2000 in Mazandaran province. Chaldareh beautiful park with the area of  94 hectares is located in the midst of delta of 3000 and 2000 rivers and the junction of them.

Chaldareh Forest Park has considered in the parts of plain forests that it astound the viewer’s eye with its tall trees and forest cottages. The big volume of alder trees, maple and fern bushes covered the whole earth and gives a pleasant shade, cool and wet weather make this region more pleasant. Shots from the citrus groves and rice paddies which are an integral part of the nature of northern Iran near green nature and beautiful forest and extreme silence and peace make this part as one of the attractions of Mazandaran province.

This region that is a few hundred meters upper than the sea level creates the pleasing world that is not achievable in other villages and regions because of that from the many years ago people see this region as the Promenade. In the upper part of this region (the place that 2 rivers are in around them), Traces of the old castle can be seen. The situation of water storage, buildings, and other debris effects show the history of this place back to the centuries before Islam.

But the things that separate this part from the other parts this big plains are beautiful designs for its forest cottage. Traditional appearance and fits with the mood of the environment, fully updated with modern amenities, make the attractions of this park double. Cottages are equipped with Wood  fireplaces,

Refrigerator, Wardrobes and air conditioners. Besides cottages, tables and chairs are prepare from the tree trunks that they completely have coordination with trees near them. A little away pavilions are designed to stay for several hours and eating.


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