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Palangan Village

Palangan, which means ‘leopards’ is located about 50 kilometers northwest of the city of Kamyaran in the Kurdistan province. According to the latest census, about 1000 people live here, mostly employed in the local fishing industry. The village is spread … Read More

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Parau Cave; Killer Cave

Parau Cave in the Zagros Mountains is the most dangerous cave in the country, claiming the lives of five speleologists already. To walk into Iran’s deepest cave which was first explored by the British and then by the Poles, one … Read More

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Zoroastrian Towers of Silence + History

Zoroastrian Towers of Silence (from Avestan “Daz”, noun-“Dakhma”, meaning “to burn from the Sun”), are circular raised structures traditionally used by followers of the Zoroastrian religion in their rituals surrounding death. Two hilltop towers overlook the Iranian city of Yazd, … Read More

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Kharanaq Village; The Abandoned Ghost Town

The all-but deserted mud-brick village of Kharanaq (Kharanagh) is crumbling back into the valley out of which it emerged over 1000 years ago. What remains in this ghost town, 70km north of Yazd, is a Qajar-era mosque, a cylindrical 17th-century … Read More

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Alamut: The Secret Fortress of the Assassins

On the summit of a ragged peak in the Alborz Mountains there lies the ruins of one of history’s most fearsome secrets. Today, it towers above the sleepy village of Moallem Kalayeh in a secluded valley that has been all … Read More

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Land of Ghosts: The Bermuda Triangle of Iran

Eastern Iran is dominated by two vast deserts. In the middle of one of them – the Dasht-e Kavir – lies a vast and desolate place dominated by enormous sand dunes. This place is called Rig-e Jenn, which translates to … Read More

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Lut Desert

Lut plains or Lut desert is the wilderness plain in the southeast of Iran. This plain with more than 40000 square kilometers area (contains both arena and privacy) is located in between some parts of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchistan and … Read More

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