Ancient Persia exists since 1700 BC and considered to be the cradle of civilization. There are few places in the world which have a culture and history as rich as Persia. In the ancient history lots of extraordinary things happened; and they handed down through generations to show the real spirit of Persian people to the world. Persian Legends are as richly beautiful as her culture of her people since they are somehow a pattern for their lifestyle.

We start from the most well-known myths every week. Follow us on everything:

Arash the Archer

Do you know who he was?

Do you know what he did?

Is it like any other fiction stories that you might have heard from almost any other country or could it be different?

Could the cradle of civilization have something more than any other fiction stories?

Arash, who is the symbol of sacrifice and bravery in the Persian history, practically made the border of the Persia with the enemy, Turanians, over the “Royal Glory”, as they had reached an agreement in which whatever land falls within the range of a bow-shot shall be returned to the Iranians. So Arash volunteered to ascend the Mount Damavand and for the very first time and only once he put all his power and life essence in his arrow and let it go just as far as possible and the arrow traveled across cities and touched down the very farthest place from his standing point and after that he died since he energized his arrow with his life to preserve the territorial integrity of his country. According to Persian tales, the arrow flew the entire morning and fell at noon. This is why he is the most favorite Persian legendary heroes.

What is that in your life that you might energize it with all you have?

Write us about that.

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