Dizin is the most important piste of whole Iran and the Middle East that is located in the Karaj city and Alborz province.

Dizin piste is the first piste in Iran that approved for an official tournament by the International Federation of Skiing and took the international title for itself.

This piste is the affiliate to special Features that they contain technical notes such as:

  • Path length
  • Location of the Championships
  • Welfare Facilities
  • Path Tilt

Dizin is located in the Alborz mountain, from Tehran with the distance of 123 Kilometers from the path of the Chalous way, 74 Kilometers to Karaj city and 71 Kilometers from Shemshak path with significant sports facilities.

The first lift devices were installed in Dizin in 1969. Dizin has 23 ski resorts. These ski resorts include:

1)    4 Chairlifts

2)    2 Telesyyezh (Lifts)

3)    7 Dish shape skiing

Some of its resorts contain:

  • Snow Park Resort
  • Yu Resort
  • Beginners resort
  • Lawn resort

The lowest point from the sea level is 2650 meters and the highest point from the sea level is 3600 meters and skiing track is 7,5 Kilometers.

Everyone can have the most time for skiing in Dizin. It is also true that this amount of time is the most in whole Iran and the time starts from the first of  December to the end of  May.

The Welfare facilities of this resort base on the development and gamut of the area contain 2 hotels, 19 cottages, and 5 restaurants.

It has also the very appropriate weather for the winter with the lots of sunny days and pleasant climate in the summer.

This resort has many facilities and appropriate access either.

These weather and facilities both together make Dizin as one of rare winter and summer tourist village in the Middle East.

It is possible that everyone has grass skiing for him/herself in summer. This grass skiing resort has 650 meters lengths. Annually in this resort, World Championships of grass skiing will be held. In the same time, in the other parts of  Dizin including the area of grass resort, the possibilities of activities such as mountain biking, Archery, Kite riding and … are possible, and Tourists are visiting from flower garden and rare species of mountainous plants.

Different Types of Resorts

In addition to being various resorts in Dizin, some of the resorts that they are located in the grass restaurant give the Athletes right to choose, that they are as follow:

  • Beginner resort: Patient staff is in this resort, a safe place to learn this fun sport in any age is created here.
  • Resort and Resort: Pleasant surrounding is provided for the Professional athletes of snowboarding until finally, they take infinite pleasure from these activities.

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