It is a hidden underground city in the southwestern city of Malayer that is located in the Samen part. This city is accidentally discovered in the year of 1384. Archaeologist knows the primary core of the city belong to the before the Parthian period that it has been added to the extent of the era throughout history. The current position of the city has this possibility that is to be urban ruins.

History of the Samen Underground City

Currently, there is no information about the exact date of this city. However, according to initial reviews probably dating of this city back to Parthian dynasty .  Probably the era of this city during the time of First Mehrdad it was about (from 160 to 130 BC ) reached the maximum limit of itself and it is made to perform rituals. The area of this city has been met more than 3 hectares that currently about 25 rooms of this city in the area known as Sarqla is discovered. The large part of this place due to the high humidity still remains at the heart of the hidden stones.

Undiscovered parts are generally at a depth of 6 meters and even more that is make work for the archaeologists difficult. This place gradually widespread on the historic periods and the rooms and corridors of this city have different dating back and it seems that what we can see as discovered parts of the town is just only the little part of this city. Most likely this space first has been used in order to perform certain religious rites probably Mithraism, based on the worship of “Mitra” ancient god of Iran and the god of Sun. Available evidence suggests that the religious ceremony was being conducted in secret underground and some channels in this space probably were the  victims of religious burials or use for religious  leaders.

Historical periods

Base on the investigations that did this place were use for three different periods:

First period:

The reason of constructed of this hidden city is back to this period that you can understand based on the investigation that the main score of this city is back to many years before the channels and chambers around the city. It is likely that this hidden city was created for a special ceremony of Mithraism.

Second period:

The most use from this place was in the Parthian dynasty the second period of the place. Even drilling of  this place was many years before  Parthian but the continuous use and somehow their heyday was spent in the Parthian time.

Third period:

The third period was the time of decline of the place that it seems it was in the simultaneous of the decline of  kings power. In this time use from this place as a shelter and for the burial of the special  dead persons. This period was continued from the time of Arab invasion to Iran and Nahavand war until world war I and even Qajar dynasty and the part that all the archaeologists agree with that this city is known in all these three periods. This place is just used by the special persons and all the ordinary people don’t have any information about this mysterious place.

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