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Shiraz Karim Khan Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Karimkhan Hotel, Roudaki Ave, Shiraz, Karim Khan Zand Street,Shiraz, Iran Description: Shiraz Karim Khan Hotel opened in the historical context of city in 1392. This hotel is near of  Vakil historical complex including Vakil bath, … Read More

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Shiraz Setaregan Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Setaregan Hotel, Corner of Azadi and Eram, Shiraz, Iran Description: Shiraz Setaregan Hotel is located in the north of the city with pleasant climates. The hotel‘s façade and its lighting shines at night like a … Read More

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Shiraz Persepolis Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Persepolis Hotel, Azadi Boulevard, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Persepolis Hotel is located in the city center with suitable access to Shiraz attractions which opened in 2006. This seven floors hotel has 104 double rooms, suites, and … Read More

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Shiraz Royal Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Royal Hotel Shiraz, Next to Haft-Khan Restaurant, Darvaze Qoran, Rabani Boulevard, Shiraz, Iran Description: Shiraz Royal Hotel was opened in 2015 with a beautiful view of the city entrance. The hotel has 44 rooms and … Read More

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Shiraz Park Saadi Hotel

Grade: Four Star Location: Shiraz Address: Park Saadi Hotel, Across from Baghe Jahan Nama, Hafez Street, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Saadi Park Hotel is located near to Qoran Qate; the Shiraz entrance and the opposite of Jahan Nama Garden and tomb of … Read More

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Shiraz Zandiyeh Hotel

Grade: Five Star Location: Shiraz Address: Zandiyeh Hotel, Hejrat Ave, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Zandiyeh Hotel is located near Vakil historical complex. This hotel made in accordance with five-star hotel and offers luxury services. However, the hotel has a traditional design … Read More

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Shiraz Panj Dari Hotel

Grade: Three Star Location: Fars Address: Alley 7, opposite of Zaer public parking,  9 Day st, Shiraz Description: Panj Dari Hotel is an old house dating back to the Qajar period about 120 years ago. In 2017, the house changed the … Read More

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Shiraz Parsian Hotel

Grade: 4 Stars, Grade C Location: Shiraz Address: Parsian Hotel, Roudaki St, Zand Street, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Parsian Hotel is a four star hotel, offers guest the best location in the city to visit all of the historical sites and bazaars. The … Read More

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Shiraz Chamran Grand Hotel

Grade:  5 Stars, Grade Location: Shiraz Address: Chamran Grand Hotel, Chamran Boulevard, Shiraz Description: Shiraz Chamran Grand Hotel Has been located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz City.This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses modern devices and technology to meet the … Read More

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Shiraz Aryo Barzan Hotel

Grade:  Three Stars, Grade T Location: Fars Address: Aryo Barzan Hotel, Roudaki Street, Shiraz Description: In the center of Shiraz close to the interesting places of Shiraz such as Zandiyeh, Hafeziyeh, Saadiyeh, Shahcheragh, Eram Garden and so on, there is a … Read More

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