Ski Tours as a sport started in Norway; world Ski derivation. Generally ski divided to two category Alpine and Snowboard.  Iran skiing Tour were  brought by  Iranian students studied abroad in 13 century. nowadays there are many Ski resorts because of Alborz and Zagros mountains.

The best resorts  for Iran Ski Tours:

Dizin ski resort; the most important Iran’s ski resort and the most valid in Middle East.

Shemshak ski resort; after Dizin it’s the second big ski in Iran.

Abali ski resort; the oldest Iran’s ski resort

Tochal ski resort; the most populated and nearest Tehran’s resort.

Darbandsar, Puladkaf, Khoshakoo, Kakan, Bijar, Chelgerd, Sahand ski resorts etc.

Snowflakes Journey

Snowflakes Journey

A taste of the mountains and life on the white roads, our Ski trips are the perfect option, Dizin located in the Alborz mountain range which the lowest point of the resort is 2650m.