Stephen Gregory Church is located in the  Eastern part of Hegmataneh hill, in the Old Quarter of Armenians. This Church was created in 1676 AD, by groups of Isfahan Armenians, and immigrants and Russia Armenians merchants, that they settled in Hamedan . There are four circular columns inside the Gregory church connected to each other with Merrythought shape Arches.  This Church was renovated and refurbished in 1932 (Solar 1311).

Also around the altar of the Church was covered by plaster that exfoliated that right now. Interior view of the Church is made by brick. Clay was used in the exterior view either and it has facades vault with Sigmoid Arc for decoration. Bell tower of this Church is in the round shape were created with using the style of Rack domes. There are two Churches in the eastern part of  Hegmataneh hill of Hamedan, in the Armenian neighborhood. Stephen Gregory is the oldest Church and it is related to the Protestant religion and the newer church with the name of the Holy Marry belongs to the Orthodox religion.


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