Lut Desert: ecosystem of Earth’s hottest spot

The incredible ecosystem of Earth’s hottest spot. Lut Desert: The hottest, driest, and most scenic desert on Earth. The Lut Desert, also known as Dasht-e Lut, is an extreme landscape in more ways than one. The hyper-arid desert has been … Read More


Maranjab Desert

A Yellow City in The Middle of An Ocean of Sand: Maranjab Desert Located close to the historical city of Kashan, Maranjab Desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran, whose golden sand dunes are truly mesmerizing. It is … Read More

Varzaneh Desert

Varzaneh Desert is located in Isfahan province  in the geographical location of N3223 to N3200 and E5240 to E5247 . This desert is located at 100 kilometers East of Isfahan and 150 kilometers West of Yazd. The desert is limited … Read More