Tabriz Attractions

Tabriz, the City of Compassion, is one of the most historically important cities of Iran, which played a major role in the Constitutional Revolution of the early 1900s. Some of the historical sites in Tabriz such as the magnificent Blue … Read More

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex + History

World’s Biggest Covered Bazaar,One of the Oldest Bazaars in the Middle East: Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex Tabriz has been a place of cultural exchange since antiquity and its historic bazaar complex is one of the most important commercial centers on … Read More

Historical Churches in Iran + History

The majority of churches in Iran that possess historical and artistic value were built around the eight century A.H. or the 14th century AD, and the period thereafter. Of course, this does not mean that there were no churches existing … Read More


Laleh Kandovan Rocky Hotel

Grade: Five stars Location: East Azarbaijan Address: Kandovan Village, Oskou, Tabriz, Iran Description: Kandovan Laleh Hotel is the third rocky hotel in the world which has 40 Karaneh (natural stone room).It has currently 16 Karaneh in the first phase with jacuzzi … Read More


Tabriz Pars ElGoli Hotel

Grade: Five Stars Location: East Azerbaijan Address: ElGoli Str, Tabriz, Iran Description: Tabriz Pars Elgoli Hotel with a beautiful view of Tabriz is located in the highest place of Tabriz. Among the attractions near the hotel are Elgoli park and zoo, sleigh, Helia … Read More