Tehran Attractions

Tehran Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It covers an area of 18,909 square kilometers (7,301 sq. mi) and is located to the north of the central plateau of Iran. The province was put as part of … Read More

Reza Abbasi Museum, Superb Collection of Ancient Iran

Reza Abbasi Museum, Superb Collection of Ancient Iran, named after one of the great artists of the Safavid period, this museum showcases Iranian art from ancient times and the Safavid-era paintings of Abbasi himself. If you’re interested in Iranian art, it’s … Read More


Abgineh Museum

In the center of Tehran, there is a beautiful old building that now is home to interesting ancient crafts. Abgineh Museum of Iran or Glassware and Ceramic Museum, as Iranians call it, is one of the unique collections of glassblowing arts … Read More

Toqrol Tower

Toqrol tower is located in the east of Ibn Babouyeh Tomb in the Ibn Babouyeh Street of Rey city and it is one of the remaining works from the Seljuk period. In some of the texts this place called Caliph … Read More

azadi-tower -10

Azadi Tower

“Azadi tower” that before the revolution called “Shahyad tower” is one of the symbols of Tehran city that was made in 1970, by architect Hossein Amanat. Azadi tower is the symbol of “Modern Iran” and it is for the commemorate … Read More