Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Attractions

Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is in the south west of Iran, and its capital is Yasouj, it is among the southern provinces of Iran, which is adjacent to 5 provinces: From east  with Isfahan and Fars, south with Bushehr, west with … Read More

Orumiyeh Lake; The largest indoor lake in Iran

In the northwest of Iran, there is a lake called Urumieh (Orumiyeh Lake) , which is located between two provinces of West Azarbaijan and East Azarbaijan Province at a height of 1267 meters above the free water level. In the … Read More


Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Shushtar is a city in Khuzestan province, southwest of Iran. It’s situated at the foot of Zagros Mountains, about 90 km north of Ahvaz. In most historical periods from Sassanid to Pahlavi, this city was the capital of Khuzestan province. … Read More

Persian Qanat

The Persian Qanat: Travel to the Mysterious Corridors  Throughout the arid regions of Iran, agricultural and permanent settlements are supported by the ancient Persian Qanat system of tapping alluvial aquifers at the heads of valleys and conducting the water along … Read More

Takht-e Soleyman: A City Full of Treasure + Legend

Takht-e Soleyman Located 45 km northeast of Takab, it is an ancient site that has been building holy structures around it since 1600 years ago. The fifth Bahram Vassan Sassanid built the site as a city and 70 years after … Read More


Eram Garden; The entrance gate to paradise

Eram Garden (Baq-e Eram), the Garden of Paradise, is one of the most famous and beautiful Persian gardens in all of Iran. It should be noted that the word ‘Eram’ is the Persian version of the Arabic word ‘Iram’ which … Read More

Tchogha Zanbil + History & Protection

The Greatest Ziggurat In The World: Tchogha Zanbil Tchogha Zanbil is an ancient Elamite Complex in the Khuzestan province of  Iran. It is one of the few existence Ziggurats outside of  Mesopotamia. The ruins of the holy city of the Kingdom of … Read More

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex + History

World’s Biggest Covered Bazaar,One of the Oldest Bazaars in the Middle East: Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex Tabriz has been a place of cultural exchange since antiquity and its historic bazaar complex is one of the most important commercial centers on … Read More

Golestan Palace Museum, A Precious Piece of History

A peaceful haven in the middle of Tehran, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Golestan Palace (the Palace of Flowers) is the oldest historical attraction in Tehran and refers to a collection of buildings that were once held within the mud-thatched walls … Read More