Vashi Strait is a place of tourist attraction, that  has located in the 17 Km distance from Firouzabad and with suitable weather in the summer, it is a host throng of  travelers and tourists. Perhaps one of the most attractive parts of the trip to Vashi Strait is moving through the river that is located between the stony valley.

Due to the proximity of the Vashi Strait to Tehran, it is possible to have one day trip to this place and especially in summer, thousands of residents of Tehran province and the other province in around have trip to this place.

In recent years, many tourist agencies attempted to organize various tours in this area and that is increasing the fame this region.

Geography of Vashi Strait

This region has 2 Straits. The first Strait name is “Vashi” and the second Strait name is called “Sa”. At the end of the second Strait, one waterfall with the height of 15 meters is located. The way of the hiking from the beginning of the first Strait done during 3 parts .

First Part: The road of the First Strait until the First of the Savashi plain (about 250 meters)

Second Part: Rally of the Savashi plain (about 1700 meters)

Third Part: The way of the Second Strait until arriving at the Waterfall (about 800 meters)

For going to the Vashi Strait on the 2 Kilometers of the Tehran-Firouz kuh road , after entering to the one sidetrack and after passing 10 Kilometers you can watch the Jelizjand village. This village is based on the margin of the one green plain with wheat fields, potato, and different orchards. After going through the village during passing 4, 5 kilometers on the road that was constructed  between the plains and alongside full of clear water streams , walking through the Strait Savashi is starting.

After passing through the First Strait and crossing from the beautiful plain , the second Strait has located that it has about 2 Kilometers distance from the first Strait.

This Strait is eye-catching as same as the First Strait and from the different rock walls in the different regions cool and clear water springs flowing down.

At the end of this strait is also the roar of the falling down of the beautiful waterfall make the attentions of  travelers to itself. Until swim under the waterfall and in the heat of summer .

In Vashi Strait Baryjeh rare plant grows . This plant has an important industrial and medicinal uses . Picking Barijeh due to its scarcity is an offense and it has legal prosecution.

History of Vashi Strait

Vashi Strait in addition to  beautiful nature has many monuments either. One of the three scrolls of famous Qajar period is located in this Strait. One of  the other two scrolls are also located in Cheshmeh Ali of Shahre Rey and the another one is in the back of  Wana tunnel of  Haraz road.

All these three inscriptions have been engraved on the orders of  Fath Ali Shah Qajar. Fath Ali Shah, who had spent his time before becoming king in Shiraz , by seeing reliefs of the land, made three persons :  Sculptor, painter, and architect (Hajarbashy, painter, and Memarbashy) responsible for the construction of these three inscriptions in Tehran.

The inscription is located in the Strait of Savas has dimensions of six to seven meters that the inscription was narrated events of around the time of  Fath Ali Shah.  The reliefs of these inscriptions are the role of hunting with horses image, Spear, and hauntings that around that we can see the images of Abbas Mirza, Ali Quli Mirza and Ali Naqi Mirza the sons and descendants of  Fath Ali shah while they were hunting . This scroll has around 185 years and it is hacked in the heart of the mountain that was saved from the raining and sunlight but the Tourism industry has been damaged it.

The management of this tourist spot

Vashi Strait is a public place and Visiting from this location is free but the people must pay the money for the private Parking .

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