Dear Zohreh I talked last Friday to our guide and she was very satisfied with Mr. Tajik. She said that he has a big knowledege and was a very niceand thoughtful person. It would be great If he would lead the group in September. Our guide was also very happy with your service. The feedbacks of all our clients were excellent. Thank you very much for the great service. I’m sure the next tour will be a success as well. Kind regards Véronique.

*Name Removed*

Dear Neda and Sima, I was just looking at the photos I took when I was in Iran and will bring in the ones I took of your office. I may be looking in the incorrect place but the feedback that I left for the tour still has not been put up on the testimonials. Because I was a single woman travelling on her own I feel my experiences are valuable for other solo travellers. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, *Name Removed*.

*Name Removed*

Dear Sima and everyone, It was lovely to meet you all when I came through Tehran on my way to Tabriz.  The rest of the time I had in Iran was wonderful.  I had a relaxing time in Isfahan, and on my last evening watched a zur khaneh practice – it looks very hard work. On my return to Tehran I had a good time too, and caught up with one of the women I met at the conference.  She rides horses, so on my last day in Iran I watched her ride and then (for the first time since I was 15) rode her horse myself!! I am not sure if the website has been updated but I wondered if my feedback had been uploaded, or if I had not pressed the correct button and the feedback had disappeared. Sima, please thank the women who sit either side of you for their help. One sent me some images, but I cannot email her to say “thanks” (the email keeps bouncing) so please thank her for me. Again, thank you for your help, and for organising Hossein Ebadati to be my guide.  He was a fantastic choice! Cheers

Richard F.

I have been planning to email you for many days but i have not been very sure how to say the things i need to say so i will send you two emails. Thank you very much for organising our recent trip to Iran We were very pleased that all of the details you organised for us worked perfectly. All of the drivers were on time and took us where we wanted to go quickly and smoothly. Our flight to and from Mashhad was perfect and the hotels you had suggested were very comfortable. I am very pleased that we decided to use your very professional and experienced services and I can pay you the great tribute of saying that everything you organised was so good that you helped make a difficult trip for us very easy indeed. I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone I know who is coming to Iran at any time. It is also the case that i may return to Iran next year with my daughter and if we choose to make that trip please be assured that I will be in touch looking for you to help us again. Thank you, once again for everything you organised for us. Best wishes.


David S.

Hi Zohreh Just a note to say thank you very much for arranging the earlier flight back home for me – it made a great deal of difference. I would also like to say thank you for all the arrangements you made for the recent TTT tour in Iran. I enjoyed Iran again and the local guide, Mojtaba was very good and worked hard to keep our clients informed and happy. Best wishes David S/ – Explore Tour Leader.

Ek C.

Hi, I want to thank you for the beautiful enamel plate you gave to our group on our last day in Tehran on Oct 27. It  will always be a reminder of my visit to your Country The trip  went very well and I enjoyed  the sites, food and  hotels. Mahdi was a great guide–he took such good care of every one. Ali, our driver was a excellent driver, so patient and calm. Please  convey to him my respect for his driving skills, and thanks for the morning and afternnoon tea breaks he set up along the way. I will always remember this trip  Oct 9 to 28 2011 with happy happy memories.


I recently returned from the “singles” trip to Persia. This was my first trip with Explore. It was a tremendous experience travelling with international companions, some of whom had made numerous trips with Explore.  We all seemed to be people thrown together out of a love for true travel and who mixed and developed a good rapport together making it a truly memorable trip. Our guide was very good and our driver Habib spared no trouble in keeping us happy and amused.  He acted as an excellent driver, waiter, provider of tea and coffee at every opportunity not to mention   the dates and goodies which accompanied every stop. The hotels and sites we visited were well chosen-all clean - whether they be smart hotels or ordinary ones. Food and restaurant choices by the guide were truly local. We did drive long distances, but the scenery was superb and so the length of the trips did not seem to matter and we had a very comfortable coach. From my Bradt guide I do not think that any important site along the route was missed. There are too many other wonderful things from the trip to mention. I understand that you may in the future cut out the trip to the north of Tehran i.e. Zinjan. I was very pleased to have seen those areas. The overnight stop in Abanjyea was a great relaxing last evening and the family feel of the hotel a good end to a fascinating trip. My initial doubts regarding taking a package tour were dashed after day one. I do hope that I may travel again with Explore and experience the same or if possible an even better trip in the near future.  My only concern would be to travel in a smaller group-the group on this trip was an exceptional mixture of wonderful people, but from talking to my companions I realise that this was an exception for such a large group of individuals. Please let me thank the staff at Explorer’s UK office who patiently answered all my questions during the booking period and for a brilliant trip and hope that I may be allowed to make other trips with you and that they will be as successful. With many thanks.

Prithvi C.

We wish to thank you for making our trip to Iran so memorable.We have enjoyed all what we have seen and you had arranged the whole trip so perfectly that we are all in praise.Your Tour Guide and the driver were so good that they were like close friend to us.Taking care at every moment.Please kindly give them our best wishes and tell them that we shall remember them forever. Again I thank you and hope you will again make another trip to some other parts of Iran.

Mr and Mrs.T.D.F.

We would like to express our deep satisfaction with the recent eighteen day tour of Iran *Name Removed*: I would like to thank you all again, also on behalf of our group, for very professional organizing of our tour in Iran.

Nicola P.

Hello Sarvineh tours
I am with an Explore group starting our tour with Mohsen Mansouri tomorrow. I arrived two days early and have been guided in Tehran by Firouzeh Dehdaran for one and a half days. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my time with her. She has so many interesting stories about your city – history, life here today, culture the essentials of dress, money and food! and lots more. She was excellent company and great fun to talk with and to compare our lives, with me in London. I now have a new friend! We are using WhatsApp already!

We visited the Water and Fire park, the Islamic museum ( where we were the only visitors! Such a fantastic museum), Ceramic and Glass, the Bazar. And more. It has been a fantastic start to my visit to Iran so many thanks to Mohsen and Firouzeh!

Beto C.

I am Beto the tour conductor of the Brazilian group from my travel agency. We all liked a lot the tour around your beautiful country – very well chosen all hotels, itinerary, restaurants and most of all your great staff. The guide Alireza as always very focused on having the best for us and driver Karim very friendly and helpful. As requested we had a great cultural tour with Mr Alireza ready to share with us his large knowledge of history, culture, art, music and poetry. We all got home with the best memories of Iran. Coming with your wife for our farewell dinner and giving us the handcraft plates was very special. Thanks for yourprofessionalism and kindness to our group. We all sensed the Persian hospitality.

Christine & King On

We arrived in Hong Kong safely on time at about 2:00 p.m. Hong Kong time. We did have a good time and a very memorable trip in your great country as she has such an old history. With your help and detailed explanation we have obtained a better understanding of your country; and besides,with our own experiences, we have found all the people we have met, whether old or young, are very nice, polite and friendly, which makes our trip all the more enjoyable. To be honest, before we enrolled for the trip, some of my friends were greatly surprised and advised us to make a second thought over our decision. Now we can tell them how wrong they were and their worries were totally unnecessary. We must tell you we greatly appreciate your help for this. Thank you.



In short, Madhi is a very well-educated lecturer (the word “guide” does not do him justice) who knows and loves his country. He is passionate about its history and culture (both ancient and modern) and his knowledge is impressive. Moreover, in addition to perfect English, he is unstinting in his giving of himself throughout the trip, and he put in many long days with us. People traveling with Madhi become “educated” about the country and get to see all there is to see, including the “nooks and crannies.” [One of my fondest memories is stopping in at a tiny shrine in Isfahan and being invited by the 10 or so chador-clad ladies–ages about 90 to 12 years old–to have tea with them as they socialized together; it was very special]. He knows lots of people and his friendly demeanor wins him friends everywhere he goes. At the same time, if there are “practical” matters that need attention or a problem that needs resolution, it gets done. I can’t think of one instance in which he fell short or could have done better…


Don & Veronica A.

Now that we are back in Australia, I thought it would be appropriate to drop you a line to say how very satisfied we were with the service your company provided on the trip. All of the guides we had were very good. We only had Nilou for one day but were very happy with the way she related to us. Mohsen, who we had most of the time, was an excellent guide who was able to understand his clients needs very well and we thoroughly enjoyed his input and his company. Thank you again for what was a very happy and worthwhile experience in Iran. Kind Regards.

Robyn M.

I recently travelled to Iran with Dr Marianne Horak, your agency was recommended to us by Dr Donat Agosti, a resident of Tehran. I am writing to thank you for your excellent organisational skills with our bookings, and of course, providing us with our guide Mohsen Hajisaied for the duration of the tour. Our trip was entirely trouble-free, and a fabulous introduction to Iran. Mohsen was brilliant in many aspects including translation, informing us of Persian formalities, manners and traditions, exchange of currencies, punctuality and reliability. I felt very safe under his guidance and care. I loved the traditional hotels best! I am hoping to return yo Iran next year (after my exhibition in Sydney opens in June) in order to spend more time, possibly in Isfahan and Yazd. I thank you again, for your excellent work organising our trip, and making it easy for us (having no Fars!!!), and for providing such a respectful and intelligent guide in young Mohsen. I am already giving out your details to Australians who are also interested in seeeing your fabulous country. I certainly hope to return next year, and shall be in contact with you to arrange the next trip. Yours Sincerely, Robyn McLean in australia.


Dear Sima
Just to like to send you the feedback I promised you.

Tour Guide Mehdi: He received a very good feedback from all our guests and he has a very good knowledge of history, culture and the country. Our Guides Roger Canali and Philippe Welti are very knowledgeable and our guests were happy with them.

Bus: The bus we had was very good and very comfortable. The driver was very careful too.

Hotel: Hotels were what we expected. We made a good decision to change the Hotel in Teheran from Hotel Fedowsi to Hotel Aramis. If you have an idea for improvement for other hotels too, please let us know.

Public Holidays: when we are planning the tours it is very important that you help us for the Iranian public holidays, when they are falling into the tour dates. This time we knew about the public holidays too late and had no possibilities to change the date. Please help us to avoid this issue on the tours, except if we plan to visit these specific festivities on purpose.

Thanks a lot for your kind support and we hope for further good business relationship.
All our guests where really happy.
Have a nice day and kind regards Detty


David S.

Hi Sima

Back home now in a cold and frosty England.

I would just like to thank you and your team for a very successful tour in Iran. All arrangements worked well and my group experienced the beauty, history and incredible friendship of your wonderful country. It was good to be back!

Thank you once more and I hope to see you again some time in the future,

Kind regards

David S. / Explore tour leader

Henrik J.

I have just returned from a trip to Iran (Shiraz-Teheran 19. oct- 1.nov) arranged by Victor’s Farmor, Denmark and your agency jointly.

I want to praise your guide Mehdi (Tony) for his enthusiasm in his presentation of his country, solid information and everlasting care for us. Always helpful beyond what you would expect and making us feel welcome in Iran.

Also worthy of praise is our driver. We had a very comfortable and safe trip in his hands. He even lent my wife his jacket on a cold evening- Best regards, Henrik J., Thisted, Denmark.


Dear Paniz,

Thank you a lot for the correspondance and the services delivered. I had a great time in Iran. Beautiful matches to all, the people, the culture and the nature. Thus, I hope to be there once more!

Best regards from cold Cologne, Frank


Hi, Banafshe. I am back. It was another fantastic trip to Iran. I took a bus from Tabriz to the east and I got off in a mountainous semi-deserted area and although I was caught in the middle of an electric storm I took great pictures and it was a great adventure. I am very thankful for your cooperation.
I had not emailed you previously to say thank you because I did not get online during the whole trip. I just wanted to forget completely my everyday life in Barcelona for a week.
I enclose a couple of pictures of mine: One is from Eritrea (3 years ago) and the other is from the time when the Berlin wall was still standing (30 years ago). I hope you enjoy them
Keep in touch and all the best / Luis



Dear Marica,

Would you please pass on to the Iran office our thanks for organising such a wonderful driver and guide team (!) for our 21 day tour. Both, Jalal Musavi, the driver and Foroz (Forozandeh) Salehi, our guide, were most professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful people. Nothing was too much trouble. They both helped us gain insight into their fascinating country with its warm-hearted and welcoming people. We had the time of our life! Foroz also mentioned that in her opinion they worked well as a team despite the fact that they had not met before. We believe the reason for this excellent team work was their utter professionalism and respect.

The 21 day trip Intrepid put together for us allowed us to experience the country of Iran, its culture and people in a more thorough and at the same time, relaxed way. We also enjoyed the time on our own at the beginning and end of the trip; we made good use of the time, visiting palaces, galleries and museums and enjoyed the interaction with locals in the great parks. The hotels were most satisfactory.

By the way, there was no need to be afraid of smokers. Nobody is allowed to smoke at their work place in Iran and, as it happened, Jalal and Foroz did not even smoke in private!

Thank you, Marica for all your help.

Regards, Ursula


Dear Elahe,

I just wanted to thank you for organizing hotels, everything worked well. Iran is a wonderful country.

Best regards / J.Papenheim


Marcus L.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to present our compliments to Mr. Mehdi Mokhlesi “Tony” who was
our guide, and our driver Halbi, during our recent trip to Iran from 7-16
Oct through the Hong Kong agency Kuoni.

Tony is a professional in many ways and is very helpful, doing his best to
allow everyone to enjoy visiting Iran fully. He facilitates the itinerary
well and maximises sights and places we may see over the duration of the
tour; and impresses us very much by even helping to serve and clean up in
the restaurants! Due to Ashura leading to the closure of sights and
disrupting the schedule to Kashan, he manages to compensate with adding
extra sights such as the Golestan Palace and mosques in Shiraz. The
hospitality he offers is impeccable, caring to everyone’s need and getting
us tea and local snacks at many intervals. His knowledge of the history and
cultural significance of the sights in the places we visited are sound and
informed us aspects of Iranian life with gusto. Through him we now know much
more about the country and her long history. Tony truly has passion and it
is indeed that which made our visit to Iran memorable.

Furthermore, we would also like to compliment Halbi, our driver on this
trip. He is very friendly and greet us with sweets all the time. He assists
us to have ease in travelling by positioning the coach at a convenient place
at good time. Halbi is a fine driver who drove safely and made the longer
distance journeys comfortable.

Thank you very much and once again many thanks to Tony and Halbi. We hope we
would visit Iran again in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Marcus L.
Kwok-Wai Lee and Katherine Ho


Ms Jane L.

Iran was amazing and the guide (Mohsen Mansouri) superb.”

I just wanted to pass this feedback on, as it’s always a pleasure when we receive it and I hope that it gives you the same pleasure in return.  Thank you for your hard work and obviously showing great care and customer service on our trips.

Best regards, Jo


In your email you mentioned that SavinehParvaz Co.’s aim is to find the right answer for your clients’ needs and to provide the best quality service and value for your guests. We can confirm that thanks to you, we have left Iran with unique memories of your country and we hope that in the not too distant future we will be able to return.

Lily H.

Dear Administrator,

I just finished a 9 day tour of Iran organized by Hong Kong Kuoni with Toni as our local guide.

I was fascinated by the sights and sounds, culture and history of Iran. People are friendly and hospitable.  It is a great country with a low profile with the outside world and it has so much to offer.

Toni is our guide for this trip.  He is warm, attentive, thoughtful with great customer care,  and a lot of fun to be with.  I learned a lot from him about the people, society, and tremendously rich heritage of Persia.  He is a consummate professional in his trade as a tour guide.

I highly recommend him to anyone who maybe thinking of coming to Iran and would look forward to meeting him should I come to Iran again.

Best regards,

Lily H. 


Jacques Le Stum


Very pleasant tour, no problems concerning hotels or drivers and guide, all was well  organized.  The welcome was warm and friendly, Iran is really a wonderful country.

Best regards
Jacques Le Stum


Dear Elahe

Thank you for my special voyage through Iran!!
It was a pleasure, to travel with Sia as my personal guide.

All hotels were fine.
Wish, we had more time in Qazvin!

Never go on a Friday to Masulh; it’s crowded.

Hope, there will be another chance, to visit the Iran.

Best regards


Patrick O’Sullivan

Dear Sarvineh Tours

I just wanted to drop you a line to ask you to pass on my thanks to Hadi Gandjalikhan, who led the tour of Iran that I have just returned from.

The tour was fantastic from start to finish, and everything went smoothly thanks to his efforts.  Hadi was very professional and enthusiatic, and his extensive knowledge really added to the experience for the whole group.  The culture, architecture and history of Iran exceeded my expectations, and Hadi also encouraged lots of interaction with people wherever we went – the friendliness of Iranians is perhaps the thing that will make the most lasting impression.

Ali the driver was also very professional and friendly, and also went out of his way to make the trip a success.

Best wishes

Patrick O’Sullivan

Teddington, UK


Dear Sia,

A good friend gave me a wonderful book about Ancient Persia. Apart from the fact that it brought back wonderful memories of our trip 2 years ago, Helga and I thought that you may like to have this book too. It will be sent to you by registered mail in the course of next week.

What I find so incredible is that the Author and Photographer is a Hong Kong Chinese. He obviously loved your country as much as we did.

I hope you are well. The ‘girls’ (Dorrit, Liz and Helga) join me in sending you our love. 

All the best, always, Erna

Jennifer Davies

I would like to thank the tour leader, Hadi Ganjalikhan Hakemi for the wealth of information he gave during this tour. He had so much to tell us and in a clear manner and with an impressive command of the English language. He was always ready to answer questions and showed a lot of patience when he was interrupted whilst giving the information. Unfortunately this was not infrequent.

As our first weekend in Tehran was a public holiday and museums were closed we were unable to see all we had hoped. Due to lack of time and trying to fit two days visits in to one day we didn’t see the Reza Abbasi Museum which was a disappointment. However Hadi did try and add different sights to compensate, for example he took us to the Azadi Tower.

Hadi was always punctual and friendly and the journeys all went well. On the last night I believe that several members of the group wished to change the planned venue. Hadi kindly did so and it was a good night.

I wish Hadi well for the future.

May I just like to say how much I enjoyed my visit to Iran. The Iranians as so friendly and the country has so many wonderful, historic and beautiful sights. Going through all the photographs will help to keep many wonderful memories alive.

Jennifer Davies


Caroline Banz

To Whom it may concern,

 I wished to let you know that our guide Hadi Ganjalikhan was fantastic.  He was very knowledgeable and keen to impart his knowledge to us. He was polite and professional at all times, and very enthusiastic. It was a pleasure to have Hadi as our guide – we could always count on him not only to guide, but to help with the little things that can make or break a vacation (finding a SIM card for our phone, pointing out restaurants for our independent meals, explaining local cultural niceties before we got into trouble, etc). 

Thank you

Caroline Banz

Toronto, Canada



The tour was for 8/9 days named Highlights of Iran.

The group was fairly small, with various accents and personalities, but from the first meeting Hadi was clear and friendly with good humour.

Each day was well planned, left some large spaces for free time.

Meals in the evenings were not part of the tour but well advised from Hadi. We got to try some tasty local food off the tourist trail which was just what I was hoping for.

Hadi was interesting to talk to, to find out about Iranian culture and views on life. I came away with more appreciation and a better understanding of the Iranian people, which again was what I was looking for.

Thanks to Hadi I am already looking forward to when I will return to Iran to discover more.