Toqrol tower is located in the east of Ibn Babouyeh Tomb in the Ibn Babouyeh Street of Rey city and it is one of the remaining works from the Seljuk period. In some of the texts this place called Caliph Yazid Tomb. The height of the tower is about 20 meters (without counting Cone-shaped dome that today none of that remains) base on the belief of some of the experts this tower is very similar to the clock hands and it is easy to understand the time by sun radiation on congresses of Tower.

Challenges about buried character on the Tower

There are many challenges between experts and historians about the person whom he buried in this place. Somebody knows this place for Toqrol Seljuk and it was written that he died in Rey and his body buried there. One of the famous Turkish (Sumer) historians knows his buried place there.

Some the other persons know this place for Khalil Sultan (one of the children of Timor Lang) and his wife that it was for about 15th century.

Some the other person base on the existing text knows this place for Fakhroldoleh Deilami.

Mohammad Mohit Tabatabaea Knew this place for Ibrahim Khavas and after he died his body buried near this place in the year 1992.

Toqrol Tower applications

One of the applications of this Tower is the light that it gives to travelers at night whom they want to go to the Silver road that they come From Khorasan to this place and they solve some of the problems of peoples.

This place calls Tower because of the situation that it has and people can understand dates and time base on that.

This Tower has the Sunny clock either.

This Tower was constructing in the shape that when the sun is starting to shine from the East its congresses are starting to bright one by one in every hour by the light of the sun.

Restoration of Tower

This Tower was restoration for the first time in the year of 1922 and at the end of 35th years of Naseraldin Shah Monarchy and by the order of Chancellor and it has Marble table in the top of the door of this place. Rebuilding help this building to be existence but some of the important parts of that are destroy right now.


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