Yazd Fireplace is the whereabouts of holly fire of Zoroastrians and the temple of them,in the Yazd province. The main building of Atashkadeh is in the height of 21 meters off the ground and it is located among large yard that it is covered with evergreen cypress and pine trees. Faravahar Picture and stone capitals give it a special beauty  and  a blue pond is located in front of the building.  This is one of the specifications of tempts to located near the water. Stone capitals in front of the hall of the main building and flower stones under the walls are the works of  Isfahanian artists. The artists carved stones in Isfahan and then carry them to Yazd. Pictures of  tiles of  Faravahar  on the entrance door is the work from Yazdi tile’s artists and the architecture of the whole building was influenced by the Persian fire temples architecture.


How to enter to the Atashkadeh (temple) for Zoroastrians and non-Zoroastrians

Entering to the temple has always been associated with the customs for the Worshippers. Including the cleanliness of  women and men. Men need to log in with white hat and women need to be with white scarves and brightly colored clothes and they must enter the temple without any shoes. The sacred fire is inside the large firebox made by bronze. The man who his name is “Hirbod” is responsible for keeping the fire on. Visitors of this temple can watch the always blazing fire from behind the glass wall.


Atashkadeh Construction History

The current building of Yazd fire temple was made in November 1313 With a capital of a Zoroastrian Parsi called “Hmabayy” on a piece of land that the number of Zoroastrians in Iran, including Amanat brothers was consecrated it in remembering the death of their father’s  “Ardeshir Mehrban Rustam. The map of this building was created by Persian engineers and “ The Lord Jamshid Amanat ” had supervised of this building. He wrote in his memoirs that to draw the attention of Corp’s of India, has traveled to that territory five times. Four times with steamships on the rough waters of the Indian Ocean and once on foot and with camels in the sand fields of Iran Baluchistan and Pakistan until finally, India Corp Forums agreed to pay for “Verheram” fire building of Yazd.


The fire of Yazd Atashkadeh

The fire that burns in this place is remaining from more than 1,500 years ago. This fire was brought from the  Carian Atashkadeh (fire temple) in Larestan to Yazd Aqda and was keeping burn for nearly to 700 years and then in 522 was taken from Aghda to Ardakan and it was there for nearly for 300 years and it was taken from Ardakan to this city in year 852. First, it was kept in a location called “Khalaf Khan Ali,” in the home of one of the great priests with the name of  “ Azargoshasb Shooter a Zoroastrian priest” and in 1313 after the construction of the temple was brought into it.


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